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  1. firemedic7982

    Thoughts on new boots

    So in the past 10 years, Ive owned a lot of duty boots, by a lot of manufacturers. Ive had a pair of 10" Bates Dura Shock for the past year, and they have proven to be the best little soldiers yet. My truck usually runs 16-20 calls in a typical 24 hour shift, so ankle, and heel support are...
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    Best Ambo

    My service has always Run braun. We currently have an entire fleet of Braun Super Chief XL. They are pretty trucks thats no doubt. However... I have to say they FAIL in the A/C dept. They just dont have it to withstand South Texas Summers.
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    What do you carry? - The mega thread

    Radio, Blackberry, and a flashlight at night.
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    Med Control

    What type of medical control does your system have?
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    Rapid Sequence Induction

    I have heard war stories of this being done, and frankly it appauls me that someone would do this. I do not care what the situation is, we are not to be punitive in caring for our patient. Given the old joke of " mean pt's get a 14g." Crap like that, and RSI'ng a combative pt. for sake...
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    I never argued that point. The whole point I made was on the RARE occasion I have that many people on the truck, it is completely out of my control. If there are that many people on the truck, I may not have any place to put the people. I havent really ever come across a situation where...
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    Show Codes.

    +1. Dead is dead. If they arent workable, don't work them. I would be more upset to know that someone did a "show code" than if they had just told me the truth.
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    The concept is a little different I will agree. We dont have observers all that often. Maybe once every couple of months. Usually it is a family member of an employee, or someone who is cosidereing a career in EMS. The thought behind it is to give them an idea of what 911 EMS is, what we...
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    The volunteers are just as qualified to be on the truck as me, you, or any other cert toting medic. Just because they are a volunteer doesnt mean they are any less qualified. There are a lot of career medics who started out as volunteers, there are many medics who have retired, and chose to...
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    Morphine v. Fentanyl

    +10 on the Nitrous.
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    Morphine v. Fentanyl

    It is my experience, that fentanyl seems to do better with orthopaedic injuries. Morphine for cardiac, and pt. prefference always plays a factor as well.
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    Who said the volunteer was a third wheel? There you go making an assumption.
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    +1 Finally someone agrees. ^_^
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    What do you hate the most when you start your shift?

    None of these bother me near as much as getting a call before I catch the morning smoke, and starbucks. But. Shift change is 0700, and the first call usually rolls in about 0710, presuming the truck is there when I get there, and not on a call.
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    oooops I hope you never sat sideways, because that would be unethical. :ph34r:
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    UHF or VHF

    We use UHF. But then again Houston has a pop of over 3 mil, and is completely flat. err...except the overabundance of freeways, and their overpasses.
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    Can I be EMT with Epilepsy?

    There are other things you can do other than be on the truck. You can teach. Go get your medic, and then teach. Be a dispatcher Work as a medic in a hospital Work in a clinic. Work offshore. There are a lot of opportunities out there besides being on the truck.
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    NY State / Jersey

    Anyone worked in the NY / Jersey area? What do you think about it? How flexible do the 911 protocols up there tend to be? Any thoughts on 911 in that neck of the woods is cool. Just lookin for input.
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    Best Locations for Medic Students/Medics

    *Bites toungue, and agrees on the HFD part*
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    Since this thread has been hijacked. I will take the more argumentative ones, and their opinions and pass them on to my administration, since they seem to be self appointed authorities on professionalism, and what is the status quo.