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  1. Afflixion

    Combat Lifesaver vs. EMT/Medic

    If you have a asi of w4 or w2 you are paramedic certified which ranger medics have If fmq'ed. But we can pretend I'm not at Bragg currently assigned to a USSOCOM unit. And still argue this fact. I have plenty of contacts in sf, soar and rangers for example I personally know the regimental...
  2. Afflixion

    Combat Lifesaver vs. EMT/Medic

    Sorry bro but your information is wrong I was a civil affairs medic and we all were certified as NREMT - P level, along with 18D who I sincerely doubt was a true 18D because there is less than 40 18Ds in all SF groups at any given time and they typically never leave. Civil affairs medics ranger...
  3. Afflixion

    Combat Medic Aid Bag

    Most units are switching to the London Bridge aid bag now the STOMP II is a bit excessive, it is essentially half the width of the stomp and about 3inches longer. If yyou've ever been in a true leg unit you will greatly appreciate the change.
  4. Afflixion

    having a hard time getting work as an emt, should i just start the medic process?

    Sorry to jump in late, but I don't get on much anymore. With that out of the way, I did around 8 or 9 months as a EMT before going on to becoming a paramedic... in all honesty those few months as a EMT did nothing at all that benefited me in school as a paramedic. From there I entered the Army...
  5. Afflixion

    Just got back from EFMB.

    Spoken like a true slick sleeve. I would give back my CMB and EFMB if it could bring those that I have lost in combat back. Don't speak so bold about the one badge that those who have earned it never wanted.
  6. Afflixion

    Combat Lifesaver vs. EMT/Medic

    I'm sorry but I wouldn't let most EMTs near me with an IV cath much less a scalpel required to do a chest tube. a chest tube does not do much more than a NCD in a field environment without a vacuum and time it is not going to do much. There is no reason for EMTs or paramedics to use one in a...
  7. Afflixion

    Medic School

    Getting a job as a new EMT-B with no experience is extremely difficult. Honestly, you should skip EMT-B and go get your paramedic. Ideally you should go for an AAS, you learn so much more and stand a better chance of being hired as opposed to someone who went to Joe Blow's School of EMS. If you...
  8. Afflixion

    EMT basics - Help a beginner out?

    To be quite honest, if you are trying to become a PA do not waste your time on becoming an EMT, it will only help minimally if at all. EMT's make peanuts for pay the only way to make a living is to work 100+hours a week which is quite the norm in some locations. Unfortunately most medical...
  9. Afflixion

    military medics who have gone on to civilian EMS?

    It's ok I have my jump wings too, though I'm only a 6 jump chump. At least I can say I wasn't part of the All As... Division, they do get a kick out of my 101 combat patch at Womack though... "Pukin Chicken" "Dopes on Ropes" and so on and so forth.
  10. Afflixion

    military medics who have gone on to civilian EMS?

    I kind of did the opposite I was a civilian medic, enlisted as a medic and then went on to the IPAP. So I couldn't give you too much insight on that route. I was also with the line, did a tour with infantry and 2 with the FA. Any other advice you would like from me, I'd be glad to help out, but...
  11. Afflixion

    Combat Lifesaver vs. EMT/Medic

    It is true, like in every profession you have some that are good and continually striving for more and then you have those that hold some sort of disdain for what they do and try to drag others down.
  12. Afflixion

    Police response to EMS calls

    From when I worked EMS in the county of El Paso, TX SO responded to just about every call, at times it was quite beneficial and others they were more of a hindrance than of assistance. A vast majority of the time it depended on what deputy responded, some were more than willing to help with the...
  13. Afflixion

    Thinking about an army career 68w

    Even the Coast Guard deploys and in times of peace are way more likely to use lethal force than an infantryman.
  14. Afflixion

    Combat Lifesaver vs. EMT/Medic

    I hate watching medics walk out of classes thinking they are medical providers, To many medics these days think they know everything and do not like to learn more about medicine. Hence the "forever specialist"
  15. Afflixion

    To those who don't want to make EMS a career, what do you plan on doing

    I started off as a basic, from there got my paramedic. I joined the U.S. Army shortly there after as a Healthcare Specialist aka "Combat Medic" got my BHS, went through the Inter-service Physician Assistant Program and am now a PA. Mind you I am only 26 right now.
  16. Afflixion

    Combat Lifesaver vs. EMT/Medic

    You sure your in the army? He said PSG not PL, a PL is a Medical Service Officer the military equivalent to a hospital administrator, a PSG in a medical platoon is a 68W40, which is a E7 with extensive medical knowledge, though they are typically not directly involved with patient care.
  17. Afflixion

    What do you carry 24/7 while on or off the job?

    Now why stop at a 62 inch?
  18. Afflixion

    The importance of assessment before automatically treating.

    You do realize that skin is not like paper in which you poke a hole with a pencil the hole in said paper would be the exact diameter of the hole, where as skins elasticity will cause the appearance of a significantly smaller wound than the size of the object that penetrated the skin. I...
  19. Afflixion

    What do you carry 24/7 while on or off the job?

    So uh, where do you keep that machete?
  20. Afflixion

    How many supervisors do you have?

    Don't work on an ambulance anymore but when I did we had one supervisor for 7 911 stations and approximately 14-20 IFT trucks. The supervisor worked from 0700 to 1700 and after that if needed could be reached at home. We also used standing orders only which at the time were antiquated, posibly...