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  1. aquabear

    Atcems and surrounding area

    Check out Williamson County, way lover call volume, but a 56 hour work week. Arguably one of the best scopes of practice in central Texas. VL, DSI, vents and pumps on every truck.
  2. aquabear

    What happened to Cypress Creek EMS?

    an interesting saga…
  3. aquabear

    EMT School in Austin

    1) ACC 2) Temple College 3) Anywhere else
  4. aquabear

    Williamson County EMS is Hiring

    We're pretty open about it. Your checks are lower during the academy because you don't average 56 hrs/week like when you are on the truck, which does suck. However, that figure doesn't include mandatory CE, paid card class hours and built in over time completing shift change, so that number gets...
  5. aquabear

    Williamson County EMS is Hiring

    Bumping this thread since we are hiring again! Application closes on January 15th at 12PM CST. Dual Paramedics on Every Medic Unit Evidence Based Protocols Up to date equipment: Stryker PowerPRO + Power-LOADs, LP15s with Technimounts, Ventilators on Every Truck Competitive Pay TCDRS retirement...
  6. aquabear

    AMR Santa Barbara or Gold Coast Oxnard (AKA AMR Oxnard)?

    I formerly worked for AMR Santa Barbara before I moved to Texas to take a job with a county third service. In terms of AMR divisions, it's better than most, but still AMR. Manageable call volume, descent pay, good mix of calls. Management and supervisors are meh, but it's AMR soooo... yeah. LD's...
  7. aquabear

    Williamson County EMS is Hiring

    We had an idea about when we would have our next hiring process and academy, but COVID jacked up all of our plans. Currently all CE classes, mandatory trainings and even out annual SOC updates/testing have all been indefinitely postponed due to social distancing policies in an effort to keep...
  8. aquabear

    Stuck on job offers

    Just taking a shot in the dark that the IFT, soon to be 911 company, is Lynch... and I'm guessing they will be putting their most tenured medics on those shifts, so as a newer employee it probably won't be likely that you'll get onto those two trucks when they start next year. If you goal is a...
  9. aquabear

    Southern California Pay Rates as of 4/17/19

    Sorry for the late reply, but before you consider moving from Texas to California, talk to the former AMR Santa Barbara medics that have moved to Texas. The pay there is good compared to other AMR ops, but the cost of living, especially in south county, is high. There are reasonably priced...
  10. aquabear

    Williamson County EMS is Hiring

    Bumping this. Wilco EMS is hiring! Applications close at 1700 central time August 9th. The hiring process will be August 19-22 and you don't need your Texas DSHS license to apply, you just need to be eligible for reciprocity. As always, I'm here if anyone has questions.
  11. aquabear

    Distal Femur IO Trainer

    It’s a manufacturer approved site. I personally prefer it over proximal tibia for its ease of locating.
  12. aquabear

    Distal Femur IO Trainer

    Has anyone come across a pediatric distal femur IO trainer anywhere or built one themselves? Thanks!
  13. aquabear

    In need of a internship site

    Last I heard, AMR Santa Barbara was paying people to do their internships there if they signed a contract to work as a medic there after you got your paramedic licence. It's not a terrible place to work, but it's still AMR.
  14. aquabear

    Does Kern County Still Have Good Protocols?

    So are counties in California using push dose pressors as a bridge to a drip, or have they just gotten rid of prehospital vasopressor drips all together and using just PDP instead?
  15. aquabear

    No ETI.

    For our agency, endotracheal tube placement is the "preferred airway device." We also approach intubation differently than most ground EMS agencies (only using VL, utilizing a bougie every time, regular ETI and SALAD training, not stopping compressions during attempts) and as a result, we...
  16. aquabear

    To Degree or Not to Degree. That is The Question.

    If the IAFF is against a degree requirement for paramedics, I am for it.
  17. aquabear

    Private 9-1-1/ALS Opportunity

    The separation of Fire and EMS services is interesting in this RFP, but I highly doubt the OC firefighters’ unions would let a private service do ALS, just look at the fear mongering they did when ALS IFT units were rolled out. To complicate things, if a private ALS provider came in, the way I...
  18. aquabear

    Williamson County EMS is Hiring

    We are currently taking applications until January 4th at 1700hrs central time for a hiring process in mid January. We do hire medics straight out of paramedic school (we only require you have your state license by the end of the academy), so lack of experience as a paramedic isn’t a...
  19. aquabear

    Cable Sleeve

    Just wondering if anyone out there uses a cable sleeve with their monitor (talking to you HEMS guys), and how you set it up. Thanks!
  20. aquabear

    Now can we stop using NS?

    What county in California did that?