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  1. PotatoMedic

    Dual Sequential Defibriliation

    I was thinking maybe continuous defibrillation using a car battery and jumper cables.
  2. PotatoMedic

    Stethoscope parts

    Looks like the classic and select are the same parts.
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    Well, It Happened...

    I have a saying.... Lift with your firefighter not with your back. This PSA brought to you by a third service medic.
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    Rocket League

    Never played. I'm currently obsessed with outer wilds and am excited for pacific drive.
  5. PotatoMedic

    Schedule ideas/suggestions

    Any way to change the pay period time to 7 or 8 or whenever am shift change is? It would resolve the confusing hours. That would balance out.
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    Potentially Life Saving Intervention
  7. PotatoMedic

    Rochester AMR Call

    It's a fairly respectable EMS law firm. They probably are well aware of the case law so seems to be a respectable opinion. I'd be happy to review any case law that you know of.
  8. PotatoMedic

    Rochester AMR Call

    Per the initial report he got in and immediately laid hands on the provider and assaulted her. At that point I would be terminating care and separating myself from the subject. Once PD arrives is the subject still needs medical care I'll re-engage and address their needs when my safety and...
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    Rochester AMR Call

    I'm pretty sure there are lots of attorneys at AMR/GMR who would happily disagree with you. Also this: Finally I'd argue that someone assaulting me is refusing medical care, so not abandonment.
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    Rochester AMR Call

    Would you treat someone that assaulted you?
  11. PotatoMedic

    PCR/Billing question regarding consumables

    When I did billing we did not do line item. Way to time consuming for little to no return. As it was said CMS won't allow it and most insurance companies I'm told fuss about it. Standard rates are simpler, less tricky to bill, easier to get approved by insurance, and usually more successful...
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    the 100% directionless thread

  13. PotatoMedic

    I went on my first two calls and they terrified me

    I second the EMDR.
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    And the jury is back

    Probably one of the most important trials of our time regarding our profession just wrapped up.
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    Anybody from Elko county Nevada ?

    Doesn't MedX have a ground ambulance out there?
  16. PotatoMedic

    Best ems vent right now?

    Honestly it could/can do a lot. But I hated using the thing. Just bulky and heavy. I do hear the zoll vent isn't user friendly when trying to do BiLevel but I don't have any personal experience. Hamilton should have a rep you could call. Just have to find it.
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    Best ems vent right now?

    LTV 1050 Kidding
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Interesting read for anyone interested.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Unfortunately he ate the thing before I could collect my "dad tax."
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    the 100% directionless thread

    One of my kids made me cook him a French toast PB&J sandwich. I'll admit. It was delicious.