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    EMS Boat

    The Greek Coast Guard has a unique Ambulance boat. Can you imagine using this to respond to a call, say in Alaska or the Great Lakes region
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    Why Connecticut EMS is at the breaking point

    EMS statewide is strained almost to the breaking point. This is one of several recent articles describing the issue. The clickable data is informative. Did you know that ambulances are not considered an essential service in CT? Connecticut is near the bottom of the country in investing in EMS...
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    Another reason why Vol EMS is dying in Connecticut

    The word I got from a source within Wethersfield Vol EMS is that the town is working with Aetna Ambulance service to get rid of the Town Volunteer EMS because the town feels that they don't have the members to justify the need for them. On top of that, they are looking to pull medic service in...
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    Another reason why Vol EMS is dying in Connecticut

    Here are more details on the story Future of Wethersfield...
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    Another reason why Vol EMS is dying in Connecticut

    Here's the article from NBC Connecticut
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    The Future of telehealth is here

    Can you imagine the day when you can do a Zoom, Facetime, or Skype call with Med control while en route to the hospital and the doctor can see in real-time what you're doing in the back of the ambulance...
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    Is Vol EMS still relevant in 2024

    I think that with this country's poor economy, Volunteer EMS is fast approaching irrelevancy. Too many people with too many jobs can't afford the time to help their community. Then you factor in the aging population and the lack of interest from Generation Z. Many Volunteer EMS orgs are closing...
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    Is Vol EMS still relevant in 2024

    Here's a question for you, in 2024 do you think Volunteer EMS is still relevant, or is it in its last days and we could see the end of Volunteer EMS? Here's my theory on this, if you look at the economy and how people have to hold two or 3 jobs to make ends meet. I think people are finding it...
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    Lab made super melanin coming down the line Coming in the very near future
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    US Navy's Expeditionary Medical Ship (EMS)

    The US Navy is about to get a brand new Hospital ship
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    I just don't know what to make out of this research study
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    A.I is about to upend health care services
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    They might have delivery.

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    Joining the USAR as a 68w; Worth it?

    They are doing it for all rates in the USCG and I have even seen an RN go in as a Direct petty officer 3rd class as an HM. I have even seen NYPD police officers enlist directly as a ME3 in the USCG. The Rules are it's based on your professional qualifications, education, or a combination of...
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    Joining the USAR as a 68w; Worth it?

    I know in the US Coast Guard, if you have your EMT, Paramedic, Law Enforcement, or even Firefighter you can come in directly as a petty officer 3rd class. I have seen even police officers come into the USCG Reserve as a Direct petty officer 3rd class.
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    If Taco bell was an EMS agency

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    Chuck Norris of EMS

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    You know when your old

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    I feel so sorry for the poor crew that has to go to this call

    What street in your town? Maybe the Green Door in Vegas!