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  1. premedtim

    Combative Patients

    I didn't say it didn't affect judgement, I said it didn't remove it. Of course your judgement is affected but it's not completely incapacitated. I can be drunk as hell but it doesn't mean I'm going to jump someone and try to kick their *** for no reason. That's clearly a sign of some judgement...
  2. premedtim

    Combative Patients

    *scritches his head* Granted alcohol makes it easier to do stuff you have your mind on, but it doesn't remove judgement, so I'd have to say that's one of the dumbest people I've ever heard of. Tries to act like billy badass and now is going to spend a couple years in prison for jumping a cop...
  3. premedtim

    BB removed

    *shrugs* I'm actually surprised, it doesn't hurt at all. They said to take ibuprofen if it starts to throb but it hasn't even done that. Well, no, it did throb briefly for like 5 seconds at one point in the day but it was so minor I barely noticed it. Only needed one stitch anyhow. :)...
  4. premedtim

    EMT-P to PA-C

    When you decide that you want decent compensation for being a health care provider and you accept the fact that student loans are a necessary evil.
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    BB removed

    Some of you guys may remember me mentioning having a BB in my hand awhile back. Well I said I'd get pictures and I deliver. Go to to look at them, I uploaded them to my myspace page since photobucket is...
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    Anna's famous quote for the day!

    I love this quote. :P
  7. premedtim

    So I think my course isn't worth it's weight in gold

    Well, I'm going to try to respond to everyone since you guys took the time to give me feedback. :) Fm_emt: I think that /may/ be the case, but more likely, since there's about 25 or so students and only a few instructors, I think it's probably just a shortage of manpower. Plus, like I told...
  8. premedtim

    Need some things..

    This might be the norm, actually, to receive some sort of discount. When I went to a medical supply store in town to get a Littman II SE stetho and a BP cuff, they gave me 15% off for being an EMT student.
  9. premedtim

    So I think my course isn't worth it's weight in gold

    Well, I had started to become suspicious when we started doing patient assessments and vitals during lab not last class meeting but the one before it, about 2 hours worth. What made me suspicious? Well, they tell us to practice assessments and vitals and then that's it. No direction. No...
  10. premedtim

    Microchipping Old People

    The reason chips for anything are coming up as an option in the first place is people don't want to take responsibility for their actions anymore. Why keep track of your kid and be a caring parent when you can just put a chip in him/her and say, "oh, well he's over there, he's probably fine."...
  11. premedtim

    Being an EMT and A Student

    Well if one just needs to have their priorities in order and have that motivation to do it, good enough for me...if it's physically possible then I'll find a way to make it work. :)
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    Last class my instructors commented on a passenger vs. train call they had a couple years ago where this genius decided it'd be a good idea to go 100+ mph down the road, go past the guard rails (which were down since a train was coming obviously) and apparently saw the train at the last second...
  13. premedtim

    Being an EMT and A Student

    Yes, I plan to major in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Right, I'm glad I at least am taking the class since it's providing me with a lot of medical information for later on, but I'd like to have practical application of the material I've learned. From my understanding, according to my...
  14. premedtim

    Being an EMT and A Student

    Hmm, this is kind of an interesting subject to bring up because I'm a full-time college student too and had planned to work as an EMT part-time to help pay for college. The way I understand it from talking to my friend who works for AMR, in Sacramento county as part-time, you simply have to do...
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    WOO HOO I'm a Paramedic!!

  16. premedtim

    I passed my NREMT-B!!!

  17. premedtim

    Odd request!

    Well, it can't be that common so not too unusual a request, because I've never seen or even heard of the stuff. :P
  18. premedtim

    I'm BLS certified!!

    Thanks for the clarity Rid. Always using an OPA/NPA could have been covered in class but I always pay attention and I didn't hear it, so. I don't think they really have that much time to go over everything because we only spent part of one class so far on airway. My instructor did comment on how...
  19. premedtim

    I'm BLS certified!!

    Congrats!! BLS certification definitely is one of those "ugh, will it be over already" courses but a lot of good info, despite the fact taking their shirt off before giving CPR is just simply not practical and I doubt that's what happens on actual calls. :P EMT class is definitely...
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    You know the only thing more stupid than teen drivers is senior drivers. Outside the old people, you simply can't drive as bad as a kid.