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  1. boingo

    Boston Marathon Explosion

    Are you comparing the response capability of a rural community of 2,800 people to that of an urban area of a million? Really? There is no comparison. If the resources in Boston were not staged, yes, it would have taken more than 18 minutes to transport all the victims, you have a firm grasp...
  2. boingo

    Boston Marathon Explosion

    But they are set up for the 4th, 1st night and playoff games...So...if there were a ficticious large scale event that BEMS didn't prepare for, yes, it would not have gone as well. Good thing they prepare for large scale events.
  3. boingo

    Altered female

    sounds a bit dystonic.
  4. boingo

    Was I wrong???

    I leave the vial attached to the needle (blunt tip). No question of what is in the syringe, once used, it goes in the sharps box. If I found a syringe w/o needle in the truck I would just toss it, whining to management isn't the best option.
  5. boingo

    Induced Hypoterhmia for ROSC

    Boston, Ma has been using it for a few years now.
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    When are you active on EMTLIFE?

    -5, post from work.
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    My partner banged out.

    :lol::rofl: well played sir....
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    Massachusetts EMT Pay Scale

    All medic promotions are from within, you have to be on the job for at least a year (BLS) prior to taking the promotional exam. The exam is competitive, written, practical and oral boards, top 6-10 get into the internship. Internship consists of a month of clinicals in hospital, then 9 weeks...
  9. boingo

    Code Scenarios?

    We do our best to switch out every 2 minutes, the quality of CPR goes down rather quickly after that. Also, transport before ROSC, in most cases is a bad idea, if you can't leave them, do yourself and patient a favor and give it 20 minutes or so on scene.
  10. boingo

    Let's Talk About Sedation

    I would argue that the asthma patient that is intubated would benefit from short term paralysis, let the vent do the work. This is not a substitute for inadequate sedation, more to rest the patients muscles.
  11. boingo

    Let's Talk About Sedation

    Propofol is generally not available to EMS except in the IFT arena, for those patients a benzo/opiate combination is what you have to work with. In my experience, analgesia is woefully under used during induction or the short term post intubation period, both in and out of the hospital. I'm...
  12. boingo

    47 y/o female syncopal episode

    I doubt I would cardiovert, a judicious fluid bolus, a little Fentanyl IN for pain management and and EJ or IO for access. An AF at that rate isn't that much of a concern and seems an unlikely cause for her hypotension in and of itself. Rate control with Cardizem after some fluid might be...
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    Narcan or not

  14. boingo

    Blood coagulant during internal bleeding

    Tranexamic acid, although not a clotting agent per se, may see a role in the EMS environment sometime in the near future.
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    What is Boston EMS academy like?

    The last Academy class graduated last week, with a few exceptions. Its essentially a 6 month process, written, practical and oral for entry. Once in, there are numerous quizzes and tests along the way, the daily PT is nothing to worry about, stair climbs, calisthenics, etc...Class is both...
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    Here Ye, Here Ye, All Ye Para-God's, Gather 'Round.

    Any follow up?
  17. boingo

    Here Ye, Here Ye, All Ye Para-God's, Gather 'Round.

    Hope she gets some hellp soon...She's sick.
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    To STEMI or not to STEMI, that is the question...

    Is it just me or does anyone else see the need for a 15 lead EKG? I understand looking at R sided cx lead in IMI, however looking posteriorly, i.e. V7-V9 seems a bit overkill. I honestly can't think of a single case where I would see something in those leads that the standard precordial leads...
  19. boingo

    Who wears glasses or contacts?

    have you considered LASIK or PRK? I'm sitting in the doctors office as I type this for my 2 month follow up after PRK, short term pain worth every cent IMHO.
  20. boingo

    I almost died laughing after checking my patient's blood sugar.

    Sure, but an EtCO2 of 80 mm Hg certainly doesn't reflect that.