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  1. kd7emt

    What book are you reading EMT b student

    Rockin the Brady book, 11th edition.
  2. kd7emt

    Hello from Iraq!

    Yeah. Walked into a PX at BIAP and exulted at the "cool" air. Bought a chocolate bar and unwrapped it to discover the completely liquid mess inside. I was stunned until the "cool" air turned out to be 100 degrees. It was definitely time to rotate back to earth.
  3. kd7emt

    Hello from Iraq!

    Howdy! You're there during the good time of the year. It's not unholy hot. I spent some time around the Liberty complex. Look forward to hearing about your perspectives and experiences!
  4. kd7emt

    Anatomy Flash Cards?

    There's a fun app for iPhones that covers the skeleton called Bones Lite. It's free (always a plus). You pick the bone called for and the faster and more accurate you are, the higher your score. Good for quizzing yourself.
  5. kd7emt

    Whacker backpack/sling?

    I'm starting the same day, but the only thing I've bought are the texts, which I'm dutifully I can devour them I can devour them AGAIN...and do well in the class. One step at a time! :) P.S. I understand the enthusiastic window/web shopping...but we're not there yet.
  6. kd7emt

    First Day!

    Glad to hear you're off to such a great start! w00t!
  7. kd7emt

    EMT-B Students!!!

    I'm on the other end. ;) January 4th. But congrats on getting through yours!
  8. kd7emt

    Finally Employed as an EMTB

    That's terrific news! Congratulations! You must be stoked!
  9. kd7emt

    Major Forum Announcement! - Happy Birthday Chimpie!

    Hippo birdy 2 ewe, Chimpie. Cheers!
  10. kd7emt

    EMT/Medic Gamers

    Heh. That's awesome. I couldn't do that to my guildies. They'd be calling for blood. ;)
  11. kd7emt

    EMT/Medic Gamers

    Love RPGs and MMOs, though not concentrating on any at the moment. Major love for Aion, though. Do a lot of work with Wizards of the Coast on D&D. That's been a blast. It's funny that our PnP games have turned into Laptop 'n iPhone games. All my characters are run off my iPhone. W00t.
  12. kd7emt

    New hello from Hawaii

    Welcome aboard!
  13. kd7emt

    is there anything that i can study before my emt class starts in jan to get ahead

    That's great to hear, Achromatic. I liked that they had a medic program as well, which I'll be prepping for during my EMT-B time. Really can't wait for January.
  14. kd7emt

    What other jobs do you all work?

    I work in IT and writing. Did archaeology and forensic anthropology for a few years but decided I'd rather help people stay alive than chronicle their deaths. Hoping 2010 is a year full of new experiences.
  15. kd7emt

    is there anything that i can study before my emt class starts in jan to get ahead

    Where are you going to be going to school? I'm starting at TCC in January.
  16. kd7emt

    WA State EMT's

    Mmm...that's a pretty patch to look forward to. Inspires me to get back to studying.
  17. kd7emt

    the 100% directionless thread

    That really sucks. I had a chief petty officer take me aside one day and give me some words of wisdom that have served me well. Praise in public; punish in private. Sorry to hear you got roasted by radio. It's unprofessional of the chief, in my opinion.
  18. kd7emt

    Petition for Colorado EMS licence plates?

    In case anyone was unclear, Denverfiremedic is opposed to EMT license plates.
  19. kd7emt

    Diving accident video

    That's horrific and tragic. What a waste. One question: I would have thought there'd be more blood in the ER. I noticed copious amounts in the water, but head wounds bleed so much, and with such a cavernous wound... Is there a treatment that lessens that sort of bleeding? I didn't see...
  20. kd7emt

    Need some questions answered...

    Probie is a diminutive form of probationary and generally merits the same status as rookie. I've only heard police use the term rookie and firefighters use probie, but I'm sure there's some overlap somewhere.