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  1. Bishop2047

    Tell us the Times you've "F***** up" on a call

    First of all, I think most of the world has come around to the idea that traction on an open femur fracture is perfectly fine ESPECIALLY when distals pulses are gone. Not a big one, but I did pound 150mcg of fentanyl in a fellow for procedural sedation prior to small procedure. The order was...
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    Feel like im useless

    This is the best attitude that you can have while in school. "I know nothing, please teach me" is far more desirable than "I know it already, you have nothing to teach me". Medicine is a big world, and the more you learn the more you will realize you don't know. Understanding that you don't...
  3. Bishop2047

    WEMT NOLS Course, where can I go? I don't know much about the designation, or the course but maybe this will help? Sounds interesting, and I hope that they do not skimp on the actual EMT-B content in favor of the more fun wilderness side of thing.
  4. Bishop2047

    COVID VACCINE - The Megathread

    Sure. No doubt I have put worse things into my body. I have little fears about the time it took to approve or the rushed nature of the rollout.
  5. Bishop2047

    Canadian reciprocity for American paramedics?

    Ontario already is the most competitive market for PCPs (Primary Care Paramedics). My brother lives in Southern Ontario and recently went to a hiring process with well over 50 people fighting over each available job (there were 3 available). Schools there pump out far more medics than there...
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    You are correct, to my knowledge. In short the Idea seems to be... Major multisystem trauma ='s Benefits outweigh negative side effects. Isolated system insult ='s Negative side effects outweigh benefits. It may be of use in postpartum care, though margins are slim...
  7. Bishop2047

    Joining the USAR as a 68w; Worth it?

    Did someone call for John Wick the Medic?
  8. Bishop2047

    TXA Just about every study involving TXA seems to sing its praises, and list of uses for TXA ever growing. This study however concerning GI bleeds. The findings showed.... Negative outcome with the use of TXA. Really neat and well put together project.
  9. Bishop2047

    Downtime Duties

    All of the above, but the working out should be imperative. Keep your back and your legs ready for the inevitable big lifts, and awkward situations. I have a fair amount of downtime at my current job, and I take online classes in whatever I am interested in. Just finished a basic coding...
  10. Bishop2047

    PTSD/unprocessed trauma

    One of the companies I work for has a pretty strict algorithm. If a call meets certain criteria (such as suicide, gross traumas involving minors or relatives, peds codes) the crew is immediately put out of service and meets with our peer support team. The initial meetup is very informal and...
  11. Bishop2047

    Need resources to help me interpret 12 leads This is a great resource with plenty of case studies and great explanations. Also nifty for non ecg related stuff (CXR and Toxicology)
  12. Bishop2047

    Paramedic Practitioner? Masters degree and future of EMS

    Pollinators practitioner?
  13. Bishop2047

    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    We are not testing as much as the USA. Might be part of it. Especially early on we were only testing those with several symptoms and a good story. was not until the curve was very much flattened that testing was opened up to all...
  14. Bishop2047

    Whats your "criteria" for starting iv access on a pt?

    Sounds like a lot of lawsuits waiting to happen. Prosecutor: So when you attempted the pericardiocentesis you believed that you could perform any task that was "necessary" and that you felt "comfortable" with? CB: Yes sir and I didnt even have to pull over, cause I am just that hardcore. Also...
  15. Bishop2047

    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    In Canada we are more or less totally reopened, with new rules in place at most stores, gyms, and public spaces. We were very lucky in most areas to have very low total cases thus far, and our vastness really helped. Not hard to social distance in most areas of the country. Cities were hit the...
  16. Bishop2047

    Whats your "criteria" for starting iv access on a pt?

    I start IVs based on what will most likely be needed, either en route or in the ER. I don't like waiting for a patient to sour, and veins to start disappearing. If the probability is high that they will need something or if my a few of my possible diagnosis would require it, you are getting a...
  17. Bishop2047

    What was your first 911 call?

    Fun topic. It was a MVC. Granny ran a light and t-boned a minivan. Nothing like starting off with an MCI (small town service). Nothing all too interesting but it was a great way to get thrown into the fire. At the time we were all Primary Care Paramedics (Canada) so there was no higher level...
  18. Bishop2047

    CHF - Pacing

    Bradicardias effects on CO are probably not given enough press. Stroke volume can not double if say your heart rate is cut in half. Protocols that involve BP are lame because they keep a good practitioner from catching and treating preemptively. You can have a really crappy CO and still...
  19. Bishop2047

    I'm a paramedic student in Canada and I would like to move to Hawaii and become a paramedic there. What should I do?

    You got it. Scope wise PCP (Primary Care Paramedic) is closer to AEMT than anything despite the PCP programs typically taking a year and a half to two years. Advanced Care paramedic programs typically take another 2 years and can be a bachelor's program (most are diploma programs). Diploma...
  20. Bishop2047

    I'm a paramedic student in Canada and I would like to move to Hawaii and become a paramedic there. What should I do?

    If you took a PCP program in Canada I would suggest applying to a Paramedic program at KCC. That way you get some experience in the US system and time to get work visas and such in order. That way you have you will not have to go through a great deal of pain only to be licensed as an AEMT. Might...