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  1. T1medic

    Long shot but worth an ask

    Wondering if anyone knows of any way to access the old flight web ( forums? Back around 2010-2012 when I was getting interested in flight it was a great resource reading through the clinical cases/scenarios posted by some of the big names in the industry. Would love to be able...
  2. T1medic

    Who clamps their tubs before transfering to a different vent? (CCT Transfers)

    In a little bit of research I’ve seen clamping isn’t even all that effective unless you use ECMO clamps. Granted this study isn’t the end all be all I’m in the camp of it not being necessary.
  3. T1medic

    Beta CCP-C Test

    I wouldn’t let it lapse. I took it on a whim myself as I already have my FP-C and no real need for it. All the same ceu’s that you need for FP-C apply. I get reimbursement, but is roughly $100/year that much of a burden in the grand scheme? (Not judging or inferring anything here). May not...
  4. T1medic

    Beta CCP-C Test

    Results are in!!
  5. T1medic

    Beta CCP-C Test

    I called IBSC and spoke to Ashley just now to inquire about the conflicting dates. She confirmed scores will be released beginning Oct 1 and NOT Sept 10th. Tomorrow is when they begin reviewing the results apparently
  6. T1medic

    Beta CCP-C Test

    Mine pretty much mimicked what @Scott33 said. Even the COVID question as well as Karen’s cycle.
  7. T1medic

    Beta CCP-C Test

    Good luck. The wait till October is gonna be brutal.
  8. T1medic

    Beta CCP-C Test

    Took my proctored exam today and I don’t feel like the test was “that bad” but definitely had to think on some. It’s been a handful of years since I took the FP-C And have never taken the CCP-C. I wouldn’t say this was harder or easier, just different. Flightbridge prep tests seemed to aligns...
  9. T1medic

    Beta CCP-C Test

    Got authorization to test and scheduled. Seems there’s been an issue with everyone with the initial eligibility ID provided with prometric and requires contacting the woman at the IBSC to get a working one.
  10. T1medic

    65 year old female

    Hyperkalemia would be my guess. The previous day prep along with the current diarrhea plus the stomach bile leads me towards this. I may completely off here but id say that 12 lead is also indicative of hyper k+. Wide complex tachycardia yet not fast enough to be v-tach (see Amal Mattu). Most...
  11. T1medic

    cleaning laryngoscope blades

    I have noticed that the price of metal blades is low enough that we could probably just treat them as disposable. The one study I found on metal vs. plastic favored the metal for success rates.
  12. T1medic

    cleaning laryngoscope blades

    I have been a long time "lurker" here and have really never posted, but the time has come for me. I'm curious what methods other departments use to clean or sterilize their non-disposable laryngoscope blades after and intubation. I am on my department's EMS committee and currently looking at...
  13. T1medic

    NTG for chest pain... even when you're thinking respiratory.

    I dont post often, mostly just read and absorb info. But I'd like to chime in on this one. Ok first off, yea I know I have a cliche username. I made it back when I was a squirrel a few years ago. It sucks that US EMS has brought everyone to think like this and all the sue happy people in...
  14. T1medic

    Certificate of need not required for HEMS in New Jersey
  15. T1medic

    Great EMS Songs

    Our theme song for our DVD we played at our graduation ceremony for fire school was We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel
  16. T1medic

    Shopping for helicopters...

    I work for a HEMS service in the dispatch center. It seems rather complicated the way ya'll are trying to go about things. I don't know if this is the fault of your service or the HEMS services in your area over-complicating it. A little info first. We are located at a level 1 trauma center...
  17. T1medic

    wish me luck!

    Well next week I take the big plunge. I start my 12 month medic program on the seventh.
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    ineresting article
  19. T1medic

    Help with questions....

    As for the stretcher over rough terrain if I recall my text correctly, the best way to transport is in the lowest position possibly.
  20. T1medic

    Language a potential challenge on 911 calls

    Perfactly put. I had a pt. not too long ago that spoke Bolivian(if I remember right). I don't remeber what we were called for though. I couldn't understand a word she spoke. I tried to listen to her carefully considered she was speaking very rapidly but did pick up o the fact she said si' often...