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  1. Sail195


    So i passed but aparently my prcatical from my MA cert is out of the 12mont period by 3 weeks and I now have to take a state aproved practical FML... Looks like i might have found one in ri though
  2. Sail195


    I took it this am at 8est.... I am more just being super impatient, but i did notice in some other threads ppl knowing within hrs so i figured id try but no such luck.... I want to 120 questions so i dont have very high hopes lol
  3. Sail195


    any idea how long it takes to show up?
  4. Sail195


    Where do i look on my NREMT account to find out if I passed or failed!?!
  5. Sail195

    In which I learn where the horn is...

    I am pretty sure we work for the same dept and ya its a 4500 and my first night driving i steeped on that stupid horn switch like 3 different times because I put my foot there when I drive in my truck lol
  6. Sail195

    Questions about Boots

    Just got My Haix R2's in and there awesome, by far the most comfortable and well built boots I have owned!
  7. Sail195

    Good luck Sasha!

  8. Sail195

    Called for 40ish/M Unresponsive...

    thats unreal, wtf were they thinking?! I really don't see a way to justify that
  9. Sail195

    Study Methods

    I did this in college and it worked excellent in basic school... I would read the chapter before the class and type out all the key terms of the chapter along with their definitions and then bring my laptop to class and just fill in important info regarding each one as the lecture went on along...
  10. Sail195

    Finally out of Paramedic School!!!!

    Congrats I am putting my App in tonight for medic school, Starting in September there goes the next year of my life lol
  11. Sail195

    Message for drivers

    This just made me fell intelligent for a few sec because I had no problem reading it lol
  12. Sail195

    I love the chevy 4500 ambulance!!!

    Amen I have a sticker on my tool box of a grande that says ford repair kit lol
  13. Sail195

    Best call you've ever gotten?

    I am going to beat Sasha to the punch on this one and say grow up!! lol
  14. Sail195

    Taking my nursing boards in a few hours.

    Good luck!!!!!
  15. Sail195

    More Medics Who Don't Assess

    Wow someone is going to loose their cert over this one.... Not good at all
  16. Sail195

    NBC Series: Trauma

    I am sorry for your loss, I don't wish that upon anyone On the topic of the show I don't think it looks very good at all
  17. Sail195

    EMT- B exam

    I agree with that one too...
  18. Sail195

    Ha! I'm baaaaccckkk!!!

    paramedichopeful can we get mabey on post that doesn't have a four letter word spelled out to 20 letters or a million exclamation points lol... I am beginning to think your keyboard is broken lol
  19. Sail195

    EMT- B exam

    congrats now the even harder part comes finding a job :( lol
  20. Sail195


    what the rest of us aren't good enough for you!?!? huh huh JKJK lol to the best of my knowledge there aren't any regional threads here but I know there are a bunch of people from Colorado here!