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    FBI background check issue

    Hello I am trying to transfer my EMT license to another state, which requires an FBI background check as part of the process. However, I've submitted my finger prints twice over the last 6 months and have got nothing back from them. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue. thank you
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    transferring EMT license to Pennsylvania

    hello I recently moved to Pennsylvania for school. I wanted to transfer my EMT license from California to Pennsylvania and was wondering if anyone here has any experience with this. Both my state and national EMT certs are current. in particular, I wanted to know if I needed to get my state...
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    California EMT License

    hello I recently passed my EMT course, passed the NREMT, and gathered up all my documents and submitted them to the county EMS office for licensure. There, the person I submitted them to informed me that it would take 3-4 weeks for me (a new applicant) to get my license. Since that seems a...
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    Pre Course Preparation

    I just enrolled in a California EMT basic course and will be starting it in 2 months. However, I've heard that the course is intense and would like to do some preparation in advance. Can anyone reccomend a type of self study or online course that will get me prepared for the course? Thank you
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    American Medical Academy feedback

    Hello I recently moved to Miami and am interested in enrolling in the EMT basic course at American Medical Academy. However, before I sink any money into it, I was wondering wherether anyone familiar with this school had any feedback on whether or not it's worth the money. I found a few reviews...