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  1. vtemti

    Just a tadd busy

    I'm doing well. Just been a bit busy lately with EMS/NIMS/Service Lisencing/Budget, etc., daughters college, son's learning to drive and more recently, plowing the white stuff.
  2. vtemti

    My drama...

    Definitely continue with your appointment on Tuesday. Your original doc just wants to save face by not letting his mistake be fixed by another. Let us know how it goes. Good luck!
  3. vtemti

    Pay Question

    More than likely it will be held. The payrolls of most larger companies are done by accounting firms that, in many cases, are not even in the same state.
  4. vtemti

    I am the pediatric **** magnet

    That's it! Hopefully you've hit your pedi quota for a while. Think positive.
  5. vtemti

    Radio Talk

    Plain ole english here. We did use a numeric code system, but we live near the the NH border, they have different codes and it caused problems when responding MA. For example a 10-50 in VT is an MVA, but a NH 10-50 is a dead carcus on the road.
  6. vtemti

    Drink of Choice..

    and it also goes good with Canadian Club :D
  7. vtemti

    Pez forgot us!!

    Whewwwwwww, I was thinking it had something to do with your leg! :P :P Glad to here you came out on top though. By the way, boycotting Pez will be noooooooooooooo problem with me. I can't stand the little fake candies. Yuckyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
  8. vtemti


    Also the old T-birds, and muscle cars like the built up Novas, Chevelles and GTOs. Those were the days. Not that I'm old or anything. :lol:
  9. vtemti

    Police, firefighters lukewarm to 'ICE'

    I have many times contacted a parent on behalf of a minor. Also, see the original ICE thread for a HIPAA implications article. I would put up another link, but I can't remember the URL at this time. Short term memory and old age ya know.
  10. vtemti


    :blink: They need to be on the smaller size. I have seen too many big ones and think that they are ugly. Just me though.
  11. vtemti

    Georgia to Allow Felons to Work as Medics

    A little for you, MORE for me! :lol: Don't get me wrong, maybe it will work, but I think these politicians that sit at their desks and think up ideas like this should first become involved themselves. :angry:
  12. vtemti

    Well I'm gonna do it

    I've been saying for years that I need to get rid of a few duties. Hasn't happened yet. :wacko: Hope everything works out, GOOD LUCK!! ;)
  13. vtemti

    Job security video

    OUUUUCH, stupidity to the ultimate. Stunt or not, there are still some deranged freaks out there that would see that, think it was cool and try it for themselves. WTF :angry:
  14. vtemti

    Pez forgot us!!

    Again!?? :o [/b] Alrighty then, you now have our FULL attention! :huh:
  15. vtemti

    I.C.E. - In Case of Emegency

    HIPAA and ICE. Updated August 8, 2005 ICE: Everybody Chill! The debate over the use of the “ICE” designation is raging in EMS circles. What are the privacy implications of ICE? Read On: Clicky Again
  16. vtemti

    I'm going to start teaching UPS

    UPS = "Uninteruptable Power Supply" (Battery Back-up) I have one! :lol:
  17. vtemti

    Pez forgot us!!

    DUNNO :blink: Have you ever noticed that FD and PD often get recognition which is a good thing, but individuals involved with EMS as a stand alone entity get forgot quite often.
  18. vtemti


    I know how you feel... My brother just got his... I've pointed out already that I'm 20, not the required 21 y/o to "supervise." That made me happy, and him ticked off.... [/b] My daughter Christine is 21 and has her own car. I thought that was great, UNTIL I read the new rules and she can't...
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    The names enough to scare them away. :o