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  1. Salty Fox

    Help NREMt stopped me at 120 questions and i missed the last question..

    Relax, if you really put in the time to study, I'm sure it went alright. Freaking out about it now isn't going to make you feel any better, my guy.
  2. Salty Fox

    Working as a volunteer EMT in California

    It's wild how much it varies from state to state. I'm still getting used to that.
  3. Salty Fox

    Gold Cross, SLC UT

    It would be even better if I were a medic.
  4. Salty Fox

    Working as a volunteer EMT in California

    I've done event standby for a security company as an EMT, and we didn't have one that I knew of. Obviously our scope was limited, but our contract was with the state; it seemed like a bit of a nebulous setup, but we weren't transporting anyone or doing anything other than handing out bandages...
  5. Salty Fox

    Gold Cross, SLC UT

    So I just accepted a job with them. I'm going in as an EMT-B, and they're going to pay for me to move up to EMT-A which will also come with a pay raise. From what I could tell at the interview, my boss is a pretty straight shooter. Can anyone tell me anything about them? Any one else work for...
  6. Salty Fox

    Working as a volunteer EMT in California

    Who is asking you to do it? Is it in an official context?
  7. Salty Fox

    Cadaver lab

    We have one here in Utah, and all of the EMT and Medic programs seem to use it. I got my cert in CT where we didn't even have one to my knowledge though. Maybe when I move up...
  8. Salty Fox


    I'm a big dude. I prefer the box based on that alone, not even keeping in mind the environment in my area that makes a truck more viable.
  9. Salty Fox


    Before EMS, I'll be real, I'd run my hands under hot water and call it a day. Now, if I'm not removing the first layer of skin, I'm not satisfied.
  10. Salty Fox

    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    Hey guys. My name is Cole, I'm 23 and living in the People's Republic of Connecticut. I'm finishing up m EMT class in short order and taking the psychomotor exam this upcoming Wednesday. After that I have a few more patient contact hours to fulfill, but God willing I'll be looking forward to...
  11. Salty Fox

    Hot Take?

    I haven't even passed my registry yet, so I can't claim a deep insight into EMS or any sort of experience outside of the fact that I know some addicts personally, but the concept that we wouldn't treat people who needed it seems to imply a deficit of compassion antithetical to what I believe EMS...
  12. Salty Fox

    Part-time EMT and full-time student?

    Why not check job boards for per-diem work in that area? It's a good place to start.
  13. Salty Fox

    What is your most ridiculous call?

    Wasn't up to me. I asked why we didn't do more, and apparently this is uh...common in our city. Too many drunks, not enough resources apparently.
  14. Salty Fox

    What is your most ridiculous call?

    On my second ride along as an intern, we get tones not five minutes after making it back to the station as my EMT lit a cigarette (authentic EMS experience right there). Dispatch asks us to check for an "unresponsive male, in front of your station." Sure enough, in the front door archway of our...