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    Anyone on here work in Hawaii

    You need to email Kapiloani Community College (KCC). The course is EMT 135 it allows NREMT medics to gain the required ride time for Hawaii and you are required to have ITLS since if you read the documents for the State of Hawaii our "EMT" are according to the State of Hawaii licensed at the...
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    The Winter 18/19 Unicorn Hunt!

    700 plus for the whole service. 3 hour transport on avg which is from dispatch to dropping a patient at the hospital and back but sometimes longer than 3 hours. Lots of specialty teams and active involvement with SAR, Swat team for the county, and community paramedicine. Their are ways to stay...
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    The Winter 18/19 Unicorn Hunt!

    Ada County Paramedics may have what your looking for and they also have a diverse array of specialty teams. Aero Methow Valley Rescue Service in Eastern WA in the Twisp area has good specialty teams and a advanced scope or practice because of the rural environment.
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    Order of Blood Draw

    There is a proper order of draw! I also used to teach phlebotomy and am certified nationally as well. Some hospitals may make some changes to the above or use slightly different color tubes but I will say they will have the same additive. The order that Mike C posted in general is considered an...
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    Canada Reciprocity for AEMT from US

    Sask to be honest looks a lot easier than Nova Scotia and Alberta. Though I have read through the NOCP. Thank you. Feeling stuff out. I can challenge it as a RN in Ontario but they do have a extensive outline for that if you are ICU or ER trained and work in that setting as a RN. Still feeling...
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    Canada Reciprocity for AEMT from US

    I will be most likely going to Nursing school in Canada for an After Degree program. I already have a Bachelors in Public Health and I am also an EMT-B in the US. Would the AEMT from the US transfer up to Canada as a Primary Care Paramedic in say Alberta or Saskatchewan under reciprocity? Or...
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    2017 resolutions

    1. Survive my BSN. Finished 1 degree already. 2. Enjoy my vacation.
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    Upright CPR?

    See this talk here. It mentions the study during the talk.
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    Upright CPR?

    While it's in JEMS I think SMACC Chicago had a presentation on it with the Korean study. I will see if I can find a link. I do remember a reference to the study somewhere in SMACC.
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    Honolulu C&C EMS

    Hawaii doesn't recognize EMT I. We have EMT-B and Paramedic. We used to get EMT I through NREMT but you were still EMT-B in the state of Hawaii. EMT I for NREMT was like 10 years ago. Not anymore. Our EMT-B is pretty much EMT-A more or less we don't pass meds we do most of the other stuff...
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    Honolulu C&C EMS

    Jeff Zuckernick would be best to answer that at KCC. I did the transition program and spent 2-3 months on the rig. It worked for me. It's possible. Getting in out here you do need basic math done and an English course. Many have done more course wise and there is an interview. It full time class...
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    Honolulu C&C EMS

    Your welcome. State of Hawaii may send you to KCC at Kapiolani Community College. We all call it KCC for short. Jeff Zuckernick is the person to ask but he is very busy if you don't get a response just send him an email a couple more times. he runs the transition program. They may not give you a...
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    Honolulu C&C EMS

    Yes. You need your state license before you can even apply. Hospital jobs might consider you being NREMT-B as a ER tech but they prefer state licensed folks since it means you meet our scope requirement here. We are above NREMT-B standards from a hourly class perspective and ride time as is the...
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    Honolulu C&C EMS

    I heard a rumor they will be have the application open soon. The folks at KCC will usually send stuff out if your on there email listserv because you took stuff through KCC EMS. The application stays open for less than 5 days and you must have your state license and NREMT. It's now required as...
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    Should we use Narcan on all CPR calls?

    Critmedic had a podcast with this exact study here is his take. Keep in mind all were pronounced except one which doesn't sound promising and some of them died in the hospital setting. There were two where there was no follow...
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    So how does ALS work in California?

    Why not work for a company like Remote Medical International so you can live anywhere for most of the year?
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    Great EMS Songs

    This an Australian band called The Ninjas song is Never Had Much Time which is quite apt sometimes for what we do. It's a little fast paced I always listen to it on my way to work and my medic even let me play it in the ambulance once.
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    New Kansas law allows EMS/FD to concealed carry.

    Keep in mind many counties are insured by big insurance companies who will payout when mistakes are made. They may start paying a lot more in premiums or have the policies declined to be renewed because of the huge added liability of firefighters and ems folks carrying firearms. Not to mention...
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    What are some things that that are difficult about being an EMT that an invention can make easier?

    Can the intervention be more education similar to what is done in countries like Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere?
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    In flight medical emergencies

    Really good talk on the subject. Presented at SMACC Chicago and it also has a list for the minimum required medical supplies for airlines. The talk also has slides as well. I found it a fun listen and med control is out of Tempe Arizona for the majority of airlines. It also covers applicable...