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  1. MedicMeJJB

    if you responed to a scene with a dead loved one

    This actually happened to my cousin, who is an EMT/FF in our hometown. We do live in a rural area and he was the first of the only 2 ambulances in the area, to arrive on scene. It was for an MVC (rollover), it was night and in the middle of a cornfield. He didn't recognize the vehicle, but the...
  2. MedicMeJJB

    Interview Scenario

    Did you mention.. "No! I wouldn't do that, I'm sorry, I would have done a jaw-thrust" ??
  3. MedicMeJJB

    LMA vs ET tube

    Absolutely agreed. I didn't mean that ET is the only way, sorry if it came across that way. All advanced providers should be proficient and trained in several alternatives. We are currently carry the King tube and Combi tubes, also. Surgical airways cannot be forgotten. ALL starting with good...
  4. MedicMeJJB

    LMA vs ET tube

    The point here was nailed several times.. LMAs are made for NPO patients, prior to surgeries. They are ideal for that situation, ET intubation is ideal for truly securing an airway - SO LONG AS IT IS DONE CORRECTLY! Confirmed.. Reconfirmed.. and then recomfirmed again! :P
  5. MedicMeJJB

    Why do we do it?

    I do this because I have never felt this way about any other thing in my life.. It's a career and a way of life, I have a passion, and it is a great thing to be able to serve others. Not to mention, we are always best prepared to help with those we love in the face of emergency. This job is...
  6. MedicMeJJB

    Interview Scenario

    BLS perspective, you did well. I don't think you should have done anything differently. You took care of A and B.. Good.. Now.. as further assessment, what would you have done? If you had completed your ABC's ...
  7. MedicMeJJB

    documentation abbreviations (funny)

    Hahaha.. Funny sayings or things I've come across.. LOLFDGB - Lil Ol Lady Fall Down Go Boom Advice: Drop the baby? Fake a seizure! Smoke Break = Marbuterol TX
  8. MedicMeJJB

    Cost of Books!

    Medic School Application: $35.00 Test: $50.00 Tuition: $4,000.00 Books: $700.00 (like 12 books) Uniforms: $200.00 (Scrubs, lab jacket, coat, polo, sweatshirt <- All embroidered) Then you got gas for travel, new "better" equip., and well whatever else. :blink:
  9. MedicMeJJB

    Cost of Books!

    Try the price of Medic school. $700 just on books...
  10. MedicMeJJB

    This is nuts!!!

    I forgot how great my driver's license picture looked... shhhew!
  11. MedicMeJJB

    EMT T-Shirt

    I am with you on the funny shirts Sasha. Geez, people this is our life, it's what we do. If someone wants to walk around wearing an EMT shirt, EMT socks, and EMT underwear... I could careless! That is their choice, if it so makes them happy - then go for it. And if I want to wear a shirt around...
  12. MedicMeJJB

    Clearing C-Spine in the field

    I don't know that I'd chance it. Better be safe than sorry.
  13. MedicMeJJB

    Physical agility test questions.

    Good luck!
  14. MedicMeJJB

    EMT T-Shirt

    Man KEV... are you stalking me? How did you know all of that about me?
  15. MedicMeJJB

    Help me understand this.....

    Man, I'm just glad I don't have a balloon in my uterus. Poor lady!
  16. MedicMeJJB

    EMT T-Shirt

    I put your name right on the list, you will get your EMT shirt in the mail in 4-6 weeks. :P
  17. MedicMeJJB

    Found New Study Material

    Good site, I like it. Good reference information.
  18. MedicMeJJB

    EMT T-Shirt

    Well since it's all supported information and all, I guess I'll start the whacker support group.
  19. MedicMeJJB

    Abdomen Pain.... Not sure what the cause could be..

    Uhhhhh No other symptoms? Just pain? No N&V? No pain on palpation, but was their rebound pain?
  20. MedicMeJJB

    EMT T-Shirt

    You're not a whacker.. I wear my EMT shirts all the time, I'm always at work or going there anyhow. If you're a whacker, I'm a whacker, there are things worse!