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  • hey everyone just wanted to do a quick update i passed my emt-b class and just waiting to do my state practicalsand nremt exam.
    Sure do.....Good luck. I took my assesments twice, an passed my computer on the first time @ 120 questions. Your almost there. The only problem I seem to be having after becoming cert. is FINDING A JOB!!! lol I want to work on a ambulance so bad I can taste it. I work at a local hospital in the nursery, with great pay, an Job at that. So i am not hurting for a job. I just want to work in a field I believe was mean't for me... IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK... ;) lol
    Wow, that's a distance from me!!! I think cape is 2+ hrs away, so you are around 4+ hrs from me. Are u an EMT-b, paramedic, FF?
    hey everyone just wanted to update some of my info.my classes started aug.13 and so far so good i have passed my first three tests and iam realy enjoying the class so far,my instructer has a 72 percent first time pass rate on the nremt exam.
    I'm in DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth)

    Places are always hiring basics around here, but to get any decent 911 job you pretty much have to be a medic (some places exempted, like AMR and MedStar)
    hello everyone iam John76 Ihave just enrolled in the emt basic course at my local college.I found this site by accident really but iam glad i did because maybe now i will have some veterns in the field i can talk to for advice and encouragement because i know it wont be easy getting through this class.
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