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  • As far as jobs go I have a standing offer from the cardiac step down floor I work on now as well as a few good connections with the floors I did clinical on. However I am really trying to work my way into an ICU as a new grad. Ya new grad jobs around here are getting hard to find, they got rid of graduate nurses so now they only hire you after you pass NCLEX. And ADN new grads are pretty much hopeless finding a job at a hospital with so many BSN new grads applying.
    OB clinical was a very interesting experience... Half of my patients refused me since I was a guy so I spent a lot of time in either the NICU or OR with C-sections, which were both really cool. I had a few patients that were cool and let me work with them, but doing exams in front of their husbands was awkward. I hated postpartum. But in the end I saw like 3 vag births and 5 C-sections and got to help intubate during a meconium birth. Oh it was also fun because my nurse preceptor pulled me aside the first day and asked "Um I am not trying to be offensive but have you had um any um experience with women's private areas? Because I can explain anything if you need me to" I just had to laugh and told her I would be fine.
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