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ALS Discussion For all that stuff specifically related to ALS including EMT-I and EMT-P related discussion.

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Old 06-12-2013, 11:22 AM   #151
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With the current educational standards and our limited knowledge of medicine outside of the acute care setting, paramedic initiated refusals are little more than full employment for lawyers.

I'm putting down a down payment on my BMW 635 now.

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While y'all already know where I stand on Paramedics providing community health...I did stumble across this grant:


I know we have discussed ACA and federal funding, and while this type of program isn't specifically for EMS or paramedics, it's not too much of a stretch to think an EMS agency could somehow finagle their way into this or another similar type of grant program.

I don't agree with EMS doing it, but in fairness I thought I should post it as it shows the type of grant money being thrown at community/home health.
"People have access to healthcare...you just go to an emergency room." -George W. Bush
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Latest news article on Community Paramedics "Indianapolis EMS Reaches Community with CORE Care Team"

Interested in pursuing a higher education in EMS? http://www.capems.org/get/ http://naemt.org/about_ems/degreeprograms.aspx
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Originally Posted by Wes View Post
So, is community paramedicine midlevel practice, a method of home health care, a means to divert "frequent fliers" and system abusers, a method to reduce ER visits, or a way to "treat and street" patients?

Honestly, I'm not sure anyone knows.
Our pilot is already doing all of these. The didactic training takes approximately 3 months for Medic/RNs and 6-8 months for Medics (more for certain specialty trained units). Along with clinical time before being approved by the MD staff.

First stage of the pilot (18 days) allowed us to prevent 49 out of 50 ER trips in the pilot's 10 mile zone (3 sent to urgent care, 47 treat/release, 1 still had to go to the ER). It's slow going though as there isn't any grant funding available at the moment, so it's all done using private funding. The system as it stands is profitable, however the initial capital outlay was immense (mostly for training development). Our second stage which is starting soon implements our reduction of RTA side of the program.
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