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  2. Prehospital Intravenous Fluid Administration is Associated With Higher Mortality in..
  3. Vote on donations for group professional publication memberships
  4. Prehospital Airway/Ventilation Management: A Trauma Score and Injury Severity Score
  5. How to read a scientific paper pt 1: H0, Ha, p values
  6. Lead aVR, a mostly ignored but very valuable lead in clinical electrocardiography
  7. shock and polytrauma and critically ill
  8. Clopidogrel/heparin for ACS
  9. Writing for Publication
  10. Morphine in UA/nSTEMI
  11. Research proposals
  12. Renal Stents
  13. Aluminum foil for burns
  14. Heart Rescue Project
  15. L/S response to haemorrhage
  16. Normothermic Fluid Administration
  17. 'Don't use paracetamol for fever'
  18. Papers on VAP and Volu/barotauma
  19. Scientific Articles
  20. If they are going to be dead.....They should be WARM and dead!
  21. Out of Hospital ECLS (Extracorporeal Life Support)
  22. Hip Replacement?
  23. No difference in epi survival.
  24. attention zmedic and jrm818
  25. Physiological effects of Oxygen
  26. Monitoring in V1 and "narrow complex" V Tach
  27. Self regulation
  28. Pneumonia and delusions/disorientation.
  29. DNR and AHCD
  30. Induced Hypoterhmia for ROSC
  31. Pharmacology salts: HcL vs Citrate vs Sulfate
  32. Book on lab values
  33. For the love of God...
  34. because your instructor is a cretin...
  35. Found it! Why no analgesia with intubation?
  36. leads that are bugging me
  37. Defibrillating Asystole in lightning strikes?
  38. Shoulder Anguish
  39. civillian vs military trauma treatments
  40. Pt education
  41. IM midazolam
  42. Propranolol and Racism
  43. Prehospital Abdominal Assessment
  44. Therepeutic Hypothermia post Cardiac Arrest
  45. Is Anaphylaxis a Syndrome or a Disorder?
  46. change one thing...
  47. Burr holes
  48. how do nutrient get to cells of veins and arteries?
  49. Has the AHA made itself irrelevant to EMS?
  50. Cardiac sound detection
  51. Lazarus Reflex
  52. opioids to treat infection?
  53. Disaster medicine
  54. Prehospital Ultrasounds?
  55. Help with some articles
  56. thrombolytics not effective in treatment of strokes?
  57. Should epi be used in cardiac arrests?
  58. atp in the cell
  59. Weird EKG.... Have at it!
  60. Traps
  61. Origin of A-Fib
  62. The Bohr Effect?
  63. diabetes as a surgical disease.
  64. Critical Care Paramedic
  65. "You don't need all those fancy gadgets...
  66. How often should you take vitals on a critical patient?
  67. Laryngoscope handles...curved of straight.
  68. A topic dear to my heart.
  69. Memo:
  70. Research on diagnostics
  71. Log Roll Pelvic injuried with face downward for transportation
  72. Difficulty breathing
  73. Potassium!!
  74. OR resus/ed bypass
  75. Civilian Forward Surgery
  76. IV lido instead of morphine in ED for renal colic?
  77. Give aspirin to trauma patients?
  78. Looking for an article
  79. Cl liberal solutions and mortality
  80. Full text
  81. Is EMS treatment a farce?
  82. Spinal Immobilisation
  83. I hate austere medicine
  84. not the panacea of medicine?
  85. Those PALS folks are probably having seizures now.
  86. Nitro for sepsis/septic shock
  87. Theraputic hypothermia - new evidence of less benefit then previously thought??
  88. Incidence and Predictors of both DL and DMV
  89. Seizures and 12 lead
  90. Another study on prehospital intubation
  91. Research Review Article From EMS1
  92. And another prehospital airway study (on cardiac arrest)